Singing Band

"Praise the Lord with the sounding of the trumpet.
Praise Him with the Harp and lyre and dancing" Psalm 150

The Singing Band aims at attracting others to Christ through its musical renditions and exemplary lifestyles. Spiritually, it also stands to help in the development of members through the medium of song.

Meetings are held three times a month. Meeting days typically focus on the rehearsal of songs as well as the study of the word and other recreational activities. The group also visits other congregations and social events upon invitation. As an inter-general group, everyone is welcome to join regardless of age or sex in the ever growing effort to lift high the banner of Christ through music.
Phone: (212) 222 2380
Fax: (212) 222 1960


1st Service at 9:00AM
2nd Service at 11:00AM

259-261 West 123rd Street
New York, NY 10027

Calendar of Events

20 May 2024
05:00AM - 06:00AM
Presbytery Prayer Line/Conference
20 May 2024
06:00AM - 06:30AM
Manna Hour [Devotional & Prayer Session]
20 May 2024
12:00PM - 01:00PM
In His Presence [Devotional & Prayer Session]